Arm Brace for Flycam

With the wrist brace, shooting smooth and professional looking images occurs naturally, for the flycam system is now truly an extension of the human body.

This is no doubt a lifesaver with larger and heavier cameras, Arm Brace is very useful for all cameras. Not only it gives you the ability to use the Flycam for longer periods of time, it also removes a lot of the strain from your wrist. The Arm Brace is foam padded and mounts securely around your forearm, using velcro straps and elastic for quick access and individual fit. It has an aluminum bar that runs the full length of the brace. Attached to the end of the bar is an aluminum post that inserts into the handle of the Flycam, allowing your arm to support the weight. Your palm and fingers wrap around the handle to provide additional support and control. The angle of the handle can also be adjusted by choosing one of the additional mounting holes for individual comfort and a variety of shooting positions. Examples are straight up for low shots and straight out for higher shots.



The combination of a substantial weight and an awkward holding position make arm fatigue a common complaint amongst flycam users. These problems are alleviated by the wrist brace. The wrist brace is the camera stabilization system designed to distribute the weight of the system over the entire forearm of the operator. Working for long hours with Flycam causes fatigue. It becomes so difficult to stand with Flycam and shooting continuously. Just to overcome this and for excellent performance we should use Arm Brace. Because it will divide the weight throughout the arm and will make the person relax and comfortable throughout the shooting.