Magic Arm And Vest For Flycam 6000

 Magic Arm + Vest for Flycam 6000 , Flycam 5000 stabilizer steadycam support Stative

Magic Arm & Vest is an equipment made mechanically to fulfil the art of cinematography. It increases elegance of the moving shots and increases the quality of cinematography. The magic vest and arm displaces the weight of the entire camcorder and stabilizer combination over the operator's body. It is light in weight, not overbuilt.

The mechanical system of a vest and articulating arm alleviates the physical stress that's otherwise placed upon you by manhandling a stabilizer on your own. If you've ever used a stabilizer, it's a great tool to have for walking shots, but even after a short time it becomes very tiring. The fatigue that's induced by carefully holding a stabilizer and camera at arm's length for extended periods will eventually impact your shooting in a negative way, because the more tired you become, the more attention you devote to that feeling of physical stress. A vest and arm system removes that problem, enabling you to simply "wear the camera" and go all day long. This system can bear up to 23lbs weight of cameras. 

This system includes:

  • An articulated arm
  • A supportive vest
  • Adapter plate

The Magic Arm incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight and strong.

The arm is made of aluminium and consists of two segments connected together with a pivoting hinge, two joint hinges, 24 stainless steel bearings, high tension springs, a vest connector, and a gimbal connector.

Each arm segment is a sort of parallelogram with a spring-shock-absorption-system enclosed inside. The High tension springs allow the Magic Arm to handle a camera load of 14 to 23 pounds. Magic Arm's combined camera and sled carrying capacity ranges from 20 to 40 pounds.

The articulated arm essentially acts as a shock absorber for the camera stabilizer. When the cameraman moves, the base of the arm moves as well. But the spring system in the rest of the arm responds to the weight of the sled. Instead of a sharp jolt, the camera shifts its position smoothly. When the body of the cameraman jerks, camera glides.

The Support Arm can be setup and configured on either side so a left-handed, or a right-handed operator can use it smoothly.


The vest is fully padded and adjustable.

This padded supportive vest has three attachment points for its suspension system plus a wide lower 2 inch cushioned "belt" secured by velcro.

Vest has five buckles, whole body pod and a standard arm connector.

Arm connector is made of aluminium to add strength and durability. Once you've tightened all the straps, you shouldn't have to change anything (unless somebody else wears it)... just use the quick-release buckles to slip it on and off.

The articulating arm screwed right on to its socket, so you're not stuck with that thing banging around when you're taking a break between shots.


Magic Arm & Vest Specifications

  • Aluminium Fabricated Body
  • Powder Coated
  • Consists of 24 Bearings
  • Smart, Comfortable, & Cushioned Vest Jacket
  • Detachable Arm & Vest
  • Magic Arm & Vest incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining, making it the most sophisticated system in it's price range.
  • Consists of high-tension springs to regulate weight of the camera.
  • Springs operated by high-tensile wire through pulley situated inside the arm.