Proaim 6' Boom Pole with Blimp Windscreen


All microphones face the problem of wind noise during location shoots. For anyone who's gone on a few news or documentary shoots, this wind-blocking devices, either fur-covered or “zeppelin” microphone windscreens, work with hand-held and boom-style mics.

A Windshield System comprises a large basket style windshield, a shock mount suspension that holds the microphone inside the windshield, and two external cover choices.


Windshield systems are appropriate on feature film sets, commercial productions, science and nature recording and wherever the maximum protection from wind noise is applicable.

The Pro Windscreen is a modular wind protection system for location sound recording. The entire Zeppelin and suspension can be broken down, including end caps, support rings, suspension and handle / pistol grip. This enables more compact travel as well as ease and economy ofreplacements parts.

Mic Suspension: Mic isolation is provided by the well proven suspension. The suspension mount can accommodate microphones up to 24mm diameter.


Today the film world has reached at its top. Now every youngster wants to be a professional in this field. In the profession of film making, we have to take care about each and every minor thing. The most important thing about which we have to take care is the "background sound". For outdoor shooting, sometimes it becomes so difficult to manage the disturbing voice like the air, vehicles and many more.

A professional boom Provide ability to the operator to puts the mic in the right spot at the right time — if not, the actor's voice is off-axis and sounds off-mic. You must be strong, flexible, and observant, silently moving with the scene. You keep the mic out of the video frame, yet in the proper position for the actors.


  • "Engineered like no other boom pole in the world."
  • Hybrid composite, selected for maximum strength and minimum weight.
  • Coupling designed for maximum holding power with a minimum of torque applied.
  • It offers controlled gripping power and is gentle on your hands, even when wet.
  • Standard base, is engineered for maximum shock protection.
  • This Boompole comes with a standard 5/26" threaded + 3/8" adapter.


  • Extends upto 70 inch
  • You can set it for any length in between.
  • Strong aluminum locking system that allow for easy tightening and loosening of pole section
  • Padded hand grips for comfort and helps isolate noise when holding the boom pole, providing superior acoustic isolation to minimize low-frequency handling noise, and additional operator comfort.
  • Designed to support a wide range of microphones and wind screens
  • Affordably priced for all users.
  • Weighing only 1lb 2oz, the pole is only 3.2ft long when collapsed. and the additional comfort provided by the soft and flexible foam hand grips reduce operator fatigue associated with longer shoots.
  • Mic Boom Pole (also know as a fishpole) are built using strong, but lightweight round aluminum making them affordable for videographers, news crews and filmmakers.
  • No assembly is required.

This kit includes:

  • Blimp windshield with Mic Suspension and Handle
  •  6ft boom Pole with adapter set
  •  Free Fur Cover

Suitable for use with these microphones :-

  • Rode - NTG-1
  • Audio-Technica - AT897
  • Audio-Technica - AT4073A
  • Neumann - KMR 81i
  • Sanken - CS-1
  • Schoeps - CMIT-5U
  • Schoeps - CMC6 Microphone Preamp
  • Sennheiser - MKH416 / MKH415
  • Sennheiser - MKH418S
  • Sennheiser - MKH60
  • Sennheiser - ME66