Proaim 6" Camera Cage W/Top Handle & Tripod Mount

The Camera Cage with Top Hanle has become a need and trend for the dslr users. So viewing this need in dslr field, we have designed a Proaim 6" Cage with Top Handle specially for dslr users. It has a Sliding quick release plate with adapter for quick mounting of your camera. The Top Handle with soft foam grip is an excellent feature of the cage to enables the users in doing hand-held shooting for a long time without exhaustion.

The PROAIM™ 6" Cage consists of following :


  • 2x Brackets with 15mm rod holders, 
  • Top Handle with soft-grip 
  • Quick Release sliding plate with adapter
  • Tripod Mounting Plate 
  • 2pc of 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 450mm long
  • 4pc of 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 225mm long

The Cage is made of alluminum black anodized.

Cage design is good for using with dslr cameras having no handle for handheld shooting.

The Cage with Top hanlde is flexible can be used from both right and left side as per your convenience... You can mount your 15mm accessories like follow focus & mattebox on 450mm carbon fiber rods.

The PROAIM™ Cage is an imperative accessory for making with handheld videos...


  • Rails dia : 15mm
  • Rail Material : Carbon Fiber
  • Rail Length : 4pc of 225mm length and 2pc of 450mm length
  • Cage Material : Alluminum black anodized
  • Knobs : Strong & durable plastic
  • Height of cage : 6"