Shoulder Mount and Rail System

Proaim Shoulder Mount makes your kit complete to work independently and delivers excellent results without any jerk problems. It eliminates fatigue. This Shoulder Mount can easily be adapted on Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D90 or any other camera. The configuration of Proaim Shoulder Mount is very quick and easy. This is one of the best-designed shoulder mount systems available on the market today.
Kit Includes:
Proaim Shoulder Mount with chest support + 15mm Rails with base plate and Quick Release Plate


  • Construction : All made of aluminum black anodized. stainless steel Rods. Shoulder pad's top part is aluminum and bottom is soft foam.
  • Rail Dia : 15 mm
  • Rail Distance : 60 mm
  • Length of Rails : 450mm (45cm)


  • You can use the Shoulder Mount Handles with your 19mm Rods also
  • The handles are joined to the rails mounting adapter with gear teath.
  • Rail System has height adjustment. Thus, you can adjust your camera height according to the accessories such as follow focus mattebox etc.

Proaim Quick Release & Base Plate:

Proaim Quick Release Plates will fit almost to every camera and will prevent your camera from rotating or moving on the plate. Quick Release Plates are designed to allow access to all cameras controls and functions without removing the plate. Quick release plates are designed to provide maximum contact area to the bottom of the camera increasing stability and helping to minimize flexing of the camera body.The height of the camera can be adjusted by adding the shims. Proaim Base Plate is designed to support the rail system from the bottom and it can be mounted on the tripod easily. Height of rail system can be increased by adding shims provided.