Camtree G-21 Car Mount

This kit is designed to mount DV , HDV & DSLR cameras to any vehicle, Glass & Glass fiber sheets or any other dust free surface (for outdoor and indoor shooting) while using very strong industrial gripper suction cups to hold your camera. It allows to get rock solid videos from the vehicle with different angles . You can take video and still images of nature, people, sidewalks, etc. while driving vehicle maximum at 25mph.

G-21 CAMTREE GRIPPER kit comes with with multi-angle double ball tilt head.

Kit Includes :

  • 2pc CAMTREE GRIPPER Suction Cups
  • One aluminum rod with Screw : 10 inches long
  • One Multi Angle Double Ball Tilt Head
  • 2pc Metal Ball Heads

Metal Ball Head: The metal ball head is made up of pressure die casting. Upper head has vertical movement and lower body base has horizontal movement. Ball head is made of aluminum powder coating. (Very strong and robust material). With metal ball head you can set the Gripper at desired Angles.

Gripper Suction Cup: Suction cup is very sturdy and robust in nature. The cup is very light in weight, yet can bear the camera weight up to 3 pounds. Looks very elegant and beautiful, easily sticks with the help of lever. The lever enables the cups fully tightened.