Proaim Dolly System With 12' Track

A dolly is a platform with wheels which allows the camera and camera operator to move around very smoothly. This is a 3-legged Track Dolly, very strong and durable that carry the weight of Jib, Pan tilt head and camera very easily. The total weight capacity of this dolly is upto 330lbs. You can use it independently with your own tripod stand. The Dolly System is excellent for making Professional and Independent.

What's Included

  • Camera Dolly with Rotating wheels
  • 12ft long track with end adapters
  • Blue feet rubber
  • Travelling bag for track


  • The dolly has smooth wheel bearings 360 degree rotating
  • The 12ft long straight track has stable balancing with rubber feet
  • The dolly accomodates total weight including your tripod stand/camera weighing upto 330lbs
  • Professional system for making film, commercial, documentary videos
  • Track Comes in a Travelling Bag
  • Leight in weight, Easily assembled, collapsable dolly
  • End Support adapters of track making it stable and alligned.
  • Hollow pipes making it light-weight and portable.


  • Lengh of Track Set - 12ft
  • Track consists of six track rails each consist of 4ft length
  • Central distance between track - 28inch standard
  • Track dia - 1.25inch
  • Track color - silver
  • Dolly color - black
  • Wheel color - skyblue
  • Weight of Track : 15lbs (7kg) apprx.
  • Weight of Dolly : 15lbs (7kg) apprx.