Proaim Swift Wheel Dolly With Track

 Proaim Swift wheel Dolly System With 12ft Straight Track (Free Tripod Stand For 75mm Fluid Head)

Dynamic shots are important in film and commercial work. Dolly systems are very expensive. So, we kept in mind the active film makers of the present time and designed this dolly for them. Swift dolly is a new creation to get the greatest videos of this decade. This dolly can accommodate all DV & HDV cameras, tripod and rigs. The swift dolly is skillfully made and the set up is quick and easy. Our swift dolly track can also work with other dolly systems because the outer diameter of this track is the same as of the standard track.

Swift dolly allows you to mount your camera at your Tripod and to achive different level of shots.It slides on 28" wide and 12 feet long track.You can run this Dolly on 1.25 inch any Straight, Curve & Flexi Tracks.

The Wheels of the Dolly has a bearing mechanism for smooth 360 degree panning movements...

FEATURE of Swift dolly system:

  • Swift dolly allows you to mount your any Tripod & jib stand directly on the it
  • It helps to achieve smooth shots.
  • The Dolly is very strong and professional yet very compact and very easy to carry. The Dolly can easily be assembled or DI-assembled.
  • Can bear total weight upto 150kg.
  • Material used - The Structure of Dolly is made of aluminum & Painted.
  • Wheel dia - 2.5 Inches
  • Wheels made of steel bearing covered with PU for noiseless movement.
  • The track breaks down in to 6 sections for eazy transport.
  • The T-knobs are easy and fast to loosen and tighten.
  • The aluminum track breaks down quickly by removing the four bolts.
  • You can use the track of this dolly in lengths 4',8' and 12' in any size.


  • Straight 12' track (6 aluminum rods)
  • 3 * Wheel Set
  • Dolly Rods (4 * square rods)
  • FREE Tripod stand for 75mm Fluid head

Dolly dimensions:

  • Rod Diameter : 1.5 / 1 " and rectangular in shape.
  • 2 * 32" square rods
  • 1 * 27 " Square rods
  • Central supportive rod : 14"

Track dimensions:

  • Track rods length : 4' each
  • Tracks Central Distance :28"
  • Track diameter : 1.25"