Proaim Flycam iPhone

The Flycam Nano is a very light in weight and fully equipped with  its special qualities of balancing the smaller camcorders and hence giving a  feel of professional video-makers to the independent video-makers. Imagine a world in balance. Imagine smoothness, freedom and grace. With FLYCAM nano , Camcorder seems to float, always balanced, isolated from any undesirable movements of your hand. Working with Flycam nano you would no longer need a tripod or a dolly. All you need is your imagination!


  • The Stabilizer is made of  aluminum black power coating
  • Camera Plateform knobs made  of strong and durable plastic
  • Soft hand-grip foam
  • Weights made of MS  nikle
  • Each weight disc dia :  48mm
  • Each weight thickness :  4mm
  • The weight fastening screw  : 1/4"
  • Stabilizer weight :  2.2lbs
  • Weight of one weight disc :  54grm
  • Length of Stabilizer :  11"
  • Complete Length with  telescopic : 14"
  • Top plate dimensions :  5.25" (L) x 3"(L)
  • Dia of sled :  16.25mm
  • Colour of stabilizer :  Black
  • Gimbal bearings made of  SS

Balancing the camera: This stabilizing system contains weights. Main function of these weights is  to balance your camera on this stablizer.

  • You can add or remove  weights as per your requirement.
  • The weights are fastened on  the weight plate with 1/4" screw 

Gimbal Specification:

  • Wheelbarrow bearing  provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on  its axis.
  • Grip swavels left and  right from the bolt. You can easily move whole steadycam up and  down.
  • Angle bracket enables grip  to move up and down.

The camera is mounted on one  end of the 'Post', and the battery and monitor (and whatever special electronics  the operator has added) are mounted to the other end.