Cobra Crane I HD

• Quick Setup: CobraCranes set up in minutes - no additional tools required 
• Ease of Use: With only minutes of practice, get those hard to get shots
• Flexible: Works with a wide variety of cameras and tripods
• Proper tool for the job: Optional Extension kit, offers two lengths for a variety of shot requirements
• Affordable: Most dramatic difference for the least amount of money
• Reliable: Solid construction and built to last, CobraCranes are rock solid

Weighing only 21 lbs, CobraCrane I HD has a sophisticated, adjustable break-down capability. This versatile crane can easily break down into 6ft. and 4ft. sections and can be easily packed in a CobraCrane padded bag for ease of transport and optimal protection.

Break-down time is minimal (approximately 5 minutes) giving you extra time to move from one film & shoot location to another.

CobraCrane 1HD has bigger and stronger 1/2" axle and a new cable chain drive mechanism. Combine these features together and you have a lighter crane with a chain and sprocket tilt drive mechanism.

Working with CobraCrane I HD is a cinch. It's adjustable cable chain can manage various heights, reaching to over 14 feet high to as low as ground level for those dramatic angles and distinctive shots. CobraCrane 1HD can easily be converted to a smaller 6ft. crane by removing the 4ft. tips.

CobraCrane I HD is compatible with virtually all heavy duty tripods including Manfrotto 501/503/504 heads.

For your convenience, our tripod quick release plate is removable, switching to your tripods quick release plate for a secure fit onto your tripod head is quick and easy.

Camera Capacity 6.5 Lbs.
Camera format supported DSLR & Video cameras
Maximum crane height (on a 5 Ft. tripod) 14 Feet
Variable Length Yes
Actual Length 11 Feet
Length from pivot 7-8 Feet
Color Black Powder Coat
Built in camera panning Optional
Built in camera tilt Yes
Crane Weight 22 Lbs.
Whats included:

• CobraCrane I HD Single Arm Crane
• Installation Guide

*Counterweights are not included.

Tripod recomendations:

Any tripod that currently is used with a shoulder mount Beta, Digibeta, Varicam, Arri, Viper or Cinealta camera will most likely do very well with a CobraCrane. Your tripod is not listed here it may still work. Look for the weight rating of the tripod you have on the manufacturer's site. Also if your tripod has a crank up head then its a good indication that its design is meant for heavier cameras and cranes. Keep in mind the size and weight of crane you plan to use.