Cobra Crane I Plus

• Quick Setup: CobraCranes set up in minutes - no additional tools required 
• Ease of Use: With only minutes of practice, get those hard to get shots 
• Flexible: Works with a wide variety of cameras and tripods 
• Proper tool for the job: Affordable: Most dramatic difference for the least amount of money 
• Reliable: Solid construction and built to last, CobraCranes are rock solid

Want to make your films come alive? 
Built for modern single and three chip camcorders weighing up to 6.5lbs, the CobraCrane I Plus is a single bar crane able to provide shots from an ant’s point of view all the way up to a Giraffe’s! Sweeping vista shots of landscapes, panoramas and sporting events have never been easier or more dramatic. Add the dramatic moves of the CobraCrane I Plus and catch shots from over twelve feet high, then get all the way down and shoot parallel to the ground only inches from the floor. Need to get an awesome panoramic opening for your film. Nothing compares to the sweeping vista shots obtainable with the CobraCrane I Plus. From the ground level, the camera can be tilted up over 90 degrees, allowing you to obtain a great perspective shot. In particular shooting from the ground up gives you incredible perspective especially when shooting trees, or buildings or showing just how tall that basketball player really is. From over the top at up to twelve feet high, the CobraCrane I Plus offers a wonderful tilt down perspective capturing the feeling of being taller than everyone else, larger than life. The over the top shot is also ideal for cooking videos, food marketing videos, and variety of higher perspective shots. CobraCrane I Plus also offers a framing mode where the subject stays framed while the camera is boomed up and down. Combined with one of our dollies, the CobraCrane I Plus offers the users a combination of swings, booms, tilts, rolls and dolly moves. Incredible shots are just as simple to create.


Camera Capacity 6.5 Lbs.
Camera format supported DSLR & Video cameras
Maximum crane height (on a 5 Ft. tripod) 12 Feet
Variable Length No
Actual Length 10 Feet
Length from pivot 7 Feet
Color Black Powder Coat
Built in camera panning Optional
Built in camera tilt Yes
Crane Weight 23 Lbs.
Whats included:

• CobraCrane I Plus Single Arm Crane
• Installation Guide

*Counterweights are not included.

Tripod recomendations:

Any tripod that currently is used with a shoulder mount Beta, Digibeta, Varicam, Arri, Viper or Cinealta camera will most likely do very well with a CobraCrane. Your tripod is not listed here it may still work. Look for the weight rating of the tripod you have on the manufacturer's site. Also if your tripod has a crank up head then its a good indication that its design is meant for heavier cameras and cranes. Keep in mind the size and weight of crane you plan to use.