Proaim 360(R) On Camera Ring Light

This LED 360 (R) Light, a well-designed device for close shots, can constantly emit light and provide permanent lighting for subjects. You can choose two different power input modes to offers you continuous light: 12v batteries that are convenient for outdoor shoot or AC adapter input which is included in it. This light comes with fixed diffuser. It is very lightweight and easy to use anywhere. Drawing just a few watts of power, the LED engine has an estimated life of 50,000+ hours.

The Light comes with camera mount bracket with 1/4" screw. It has height adjustment. It is used like lens hood in the front of camera lens. The bracket also allows length adjustment as per your camera length size. It has 1/4" screw thread on the bottom to mount it on the tripod that makes its perfect use in many locations. 

What's Included :

  • LED light made with 360 leds
  • Camera Mount & adjustment bracket
  • AC Adapter with 8ft cable
  • DC 12V Rechargeable battery


  • Powered by 360 White LEDs of high brightness
  • Color Temperature: Approximately 5600° Kelvin
  • Operating Temperature: - 20° C - +80° C
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 hrs..
  • Fixed Diffuser
  • Beam Spread: 45° Degrees
  • Power Draw: 30 Watts @ 15V
  • Dims 100% to 0 with minimal color shift
  • 5600°K daylight or 4000°K - 7200°K by using Dimmer Equivalent to a Powerful 500W Tungsten Video Light
  • Full Dimming Control
  • Uses Only 30W of Energy
  • Ultra lightweight & portable
  • DSLR Camera Mount bracket with length and height adjustments
  • You can use the 360-R led light with AC Adapter or Rechargeable battery


  • Thickness: 42mm
  • Inner diameter : 103mm
  • Outer diameter : 200mm
  • Max height : 270mm
  • Min height : 200mm
  • Camera Mount adjustment: From 90mm to 220mm
  • Chucknut with 1/4" screw
  • Material Used : Outer body made of alluminum , Knobs made of durable plastic
  • Weight : 1.3kg (2.8lbs)
  • Power Supply: 12V DC, AC Adaptor 100-240V
  • Dimmer
  • Rechargeable battery DC 12V
  • Runs on AC adapter or battery
  • Heat-free & flicker-free
  • Ballast-free

Packing: You will receive the 360-R led light in one box. The whole shipment is packed in a grey foam packing for the safety purpose of the shipment during transition.

Regarding Power Supply :- We provide Power Adapter, 12Volt battery & with this LCD kit so that the user can can use it with any of these avalible power option

HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM 1800 mAh BATTERY PACK WITH CHARGER The LITHIUM Battery pack come with high 1800 mAh and with this battery the monitor will work for 3hrs.


Li-ion Battery

INPUT -- 12.6VDC

OUTPUT -- 12.6 - 10.8VDC 1800 mAh

PRODUCT LIST OF BATTEY PACK 1 x Battery pack, 1 x Charger adapter,1 x DC cable & Instructions