Proaim (LP-SP) 600pc Led Light - Set of Two

PROAIM (LP-SP) Set Of Two 600pc Led Light with Barn Doors & V-Mount For Batteries + Light Stands Complete Studio Kit

  • Made with professional high power 600 white LEDs in each light
  • Ultra-efficient: draws only 30W maximum with luminous efficiency equivalent to 500W tungsten light
  • High illuminance with 983lx (1m)
  • Wide Dispersion Spread with beam angle 45 degree.
  • Three type of gel for creating different diffused light to enhance your photography.
  • Runs on AC adapter. Batteries of upto 24volt can also be used to run the lights
  • 50,000+hours LED life.
  • Portable and light weight of 2.6Kg each including accessories & bag
  • Standard Shaft for Hanging Lights upside or downside on one tripod.
  • 2-Section Lightweight Light stands

The CAMTREE™ Video LED Light (LP-SP) is the most versatile, lightweight and professional production light ever built. It is very simple, fast, and economical solution for film, video and still photography applications, as well as a diverse range of projects in theatre, scenery, architecture or retail lighting. The (LP-SP) LED light can function as single light, modular light, fill-in studio light or key light. Two 1x1' Lights delivers pure, luminous, soft, directional output through LED technology in a sophisticated, slim line housing which make this light an advanced modular lighting kit. It comes with stands.

The lightweight and small square size of the light makes its perfect use in many locations where larger conventional luminaries simply cannot fit. Drawing just a few watts of power, the LED engine has an estimated life of 50,000+ hours

The light is designed in such a way that it can be used in any direction. Two light can be mounted on two tripods or also can be hanged on one tripod with the help of standard shaft provided.

A wide combination of accessories such as dimmers, Two 3-piece gel sets, 15V AC Adapter with 1.7mtr DC Cable and a Standard stainless steel Shaft to hang the lights on one tripod, are provided to help solve the individual needs of your project.

The Lightweight 2-section Light Stands are made of aluminum black anodized. It extends to maximum height of 7ft.

This unit comes with grey foam packing and a storage bag for transport of the kit which protects the lights and its accessories as well as helps you to easily carry during shooting intervals. Each and every part of this light system is properly packed in Grey foam packing, Each section of grey foam is cut perfectly to house each of the lighting part.

Two 3-piece Gel Filter Sets:

Three type of gel for creating different diffused light to enhance your photography.

Colour Temperature :

  • Without Gel Filter : 8000° Kelvin
  • With Soften White filter: 8000° Kelvin. It works as Protective filter for light
  • Yellow Gel Filter : 5600° Kelvin
  • Orange Gel Filter : 2300° Kelvin


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Operating Temperature: - 20° C - +80° C
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 hrs..
  • Powered by 600 White LEDs in each light
  • Power: 15v DC input
  • Size: 12"x12"
  • Beam Spread: 45° Degrees 
    Size: 12"W x 12"H x 1.9"D (30.48cm x 30.48cm x 4.8cm)
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs. (1.480 Kg)
    Volumetric : 6.5kg 
    Box size : L 47 x W 43 x H 15 cms
  • Weight of light stands: 1.6kg each 
  • Power Draw: 30 Watts @ 15V 
  • Power Supply: 14.8V - 15V DC, AC Adaptor 100-240V
  • Dimmer




  • Barn Doors
  • Cab be used with V-Mount Batteries (From 12v to 15v).
  • Ultra lightweight & portable
  • 12" square (30.48cm)
  • Runs on AC adapter or battery
  • Heat-free & flicker-free
  • Dims 100% to 0 with minimal color shift 
  • Ballast-free
  • Equivalent to a Powerful 500W Tungsten Video Light
  • Full Dimming Control
  • Mounting Yoke
  • External 14.8 to 15V DC Input
  • 100-240 VAC Power Adapter Included 
  • Uses Only 30W of Energy