Proaim 3' Micro Dolly Slider

Our 3ft long Micro Dolly featured of Igus rails & slide adapters with our unique ball bearing wheel design and the carried inertia provided by our crank and belt drive system gives a more fluid feel than other conventional sliders systems. This full-featured Dolly allows smooth and consistent camera moves with soundless bush. You get perfect shots with this slider dolly without having to carry around a dolly track system. It has quick relese plate for the quick attachment of the camera, the base plate of the quick release has also locking system which is more beneficial while using the slider in slanting position. The dolly plateform has 1/4" and 3/8" threads to mount it on any standard tripod. The rubber feet in the bottom ends of the slider is provided for preventing the slider from scratches or dust while you put it on the ground or surface. The Micro Dolly comes with the Travelling Bag and grey foam packing which enables you to put all its parts perfectly to secure it from outer damages and to carry it easily during shooting intervals. All these features makes the Micro Dolly very professional yet very light weight.

The Micro Dolly should be mounted on two tripods while using heavy camera and one tripod while using light weight camcorders


  • Length : 3ft
  • Weight : 7.27 pounds (3.3kg)
  • Cameras Supported : Upto 15lbs
  • Rail Dia : 10mm
  • Central distance of rail : 64.40mm
  • Material Used : Alluminum
  • Drive Belt : Rubber
  • Camera Mounting screw : 1/4"
  • Works on : Standard tripod having 1/4" or 3/8" screws
  • Dimensions : L 42" x W 5" x H 3"


  • Igus rails with slide adapters
  • Noiseless bush
  • Ball Bearing design with crank and belt drive system
  • Quick release plate
  • Lock for camera fixing
  • Dolly foot for safety while using on surface


  • Smooth and consistent movement
  • Usefull for documentary, commercial and film video shoots
  • Secured with the grey foam packing
  • Travelling Bag with handle and shoulder strap
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble, easy to handle
  • Light in Weight
  • Ends the need of track and heavy dollies for making professional videos