Proaim MB-900(A) Matte Box & RS-1 Rail System

MB-900(A) Wide Angle Mattebox with Rail System allows to be used with most of the dv cameras with wide angle lenses. The mattebox provide extra flare reduction and prevents your lenses from extra sunrays and enhance the quality of your photographs/videos. Precision engineered and manufactured with the finest materials. This mattebox will work with standard 15mm rails, center-to-center rails distance 60mm.

This mattebox has specially been desgned for wide angle lenses on DV / HDV /Broadcast /16mm/35mm cameras.

Package Includes :

  • MB-900(A) Wide Angle Mattebox with swing away bracket with flags
  • 15mm Rail System
  • Set of side flags
  • 6- Conversion Rings
  • 1- 4x4 rotating filter holder
  • 2- 4x5.65 non-rotating filter holders
Matte Box Specifications:
Swing-Away : Wide Angle Mattebox has a Swing-Away Feature. You can easily swing-away the mattebox without disturbing the camera from the tripod and rail system and mount the mattebox again on the camera within a second. The knob on the top of the swing-away bracket helps you to swing the mattebox from the setup.

The Wide Angle Mattebox has an ability to hold 3 filter holders at a time.

1- 4x4 filter holder rotates at 180 degree
2- 4x5.65 non-rotating filter holders

4x5.65 non-rotating filter tray in the front filter stage helps avoid vignetting for wider lenses
Rotating filter holder for use with polarizing and graduated filters
French Flag/Side Flags : The flags provide extra flare reduction and improves the quality of videos. The side flags are quick removable. They can be attached /detached easily. The flags are attached firmly on the sunshade mattebox by hinge mechanism. The side flags can be opened to the desired length by using the small knob provided on the flags. Aspect ratio 16:9 : Extra wide hard shade designed specifically for HD 16:9 aspect ratio

Rubber Bellows is for preventing the sun-rays on the camera lens & to attach the mattebox with the camera through conversion rings. The outer dia of the mattebox ring is 105mm and hence the lens of maxium diameter 105mm can be used with the mattebox. This kit includes Conversion ring in diameters : 70mm,75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 87mm, 90mm, 98mm,100mm

Sunshade Material : ABS Plastic
Swing-away bracket & filter holders : Alluminum black anodized
French Flag & Side Flags : Alluminum texture coated

Rail System:
The Mattebox is attached to the camera with 15mm Rail system. This Rail System has an ability to bear the heaviest camera weight. Camera is mounted on the quick release plate. The quick release plate has 1/4" and 3/8" screw. The Rail System comes with the shim set to increase the height of the camera for matching with the mattebox height. The Base Plate has 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes to mount the rail system on Tripod. The Rail System can be used with other 15mm accessories such as Follow Focus, 35mm adapter etc.

Measurements :
Rails length : 45cm
Rails dia : 15mm
Rails center-to-center distance : 60mm
Quick release length : 140mm
Screws thread : 1/4 & 3/8

Contruction :
Rails : Silver Alluminum
All Black part : Aluminum black anodized

Features :
Rails are screw-in-type. Hence length of rails can be increased
Quick release for easy attachment & detachment of camera
Back and forth / side-to-side adjustements
Height adjustments
Quick lock with L-keys
Standard 15mm rails also advantageous for other 15mm accessory attachments.

Compatible camera names :
canon 5D , 7D , XL1, Xl2, XL H1, XH A1
Panasonic DVX100A
Sony FX1, Z1U, Z1E, Z1P
JVC HD100/HD100U
Arriflex35-BL3 35mm
Arriflex16SR 16mm
Panasonic HVX 200
Panavision HD-900F
Panasonic Varicam (AJ-HDC27HE)
Panasonic HDX900
Sony HDW750
Sony F900R
Sony PDW 350L
Panasonic P2 HVX200,
Panasonic HPX2100 HPX500
Akeley Pancake
Arriflex 2-A, 2-B, 2-C
Bell & Howell 71Q, 71 Eyemo, 71 Eyemo , 2709
Mitchell BNCR , GC
Fits to all HD, Betacam, and 35mm cinematic cameras.