Flycam 6000 Stabilization System

Kit Includes:
An articulated arm
A supportive vest
A Flycam 6000 Stabilizer with lcd mounting adapter & battery mounting plate
Tripod Stand
Docking bracket
Free Low Mode Cage

Magic Arm & Vest is an equipment made mechanically to fulfill the art of cinematography. It increases elegance of the moving shots and increases the quality of cinematography. The magic vest and arm displaces the weight of the entire camcorder and stabilizer combination over the operator's body. It is light in weight, not overbuilt. The high tension springs allow the Magic arm to handle camera load of upto 20 lbs.

The Magic Arm and Flycam 6000 is packed in grey foam to save the shipment from damages during transition. Also included is a black carrying bag.

The mechanical system of a vest and articulating arm alleviates the physical stress that's otherwise placed upon you by manhandling a stabilizer on your own. If you've ever used a stabilizer, it's a great tool to have for walking shots, but even after a short time it becomes very tiring. The fatigue that's induced by carefully holding a stabilizer and camera at arm's length for extended periods will eventually impact your shooting in a negative way, because the more tired you become, the more attention you devote to that feeling of physical stress. A vest and arm system removes that problem, enabling you to simply "wear the camera" and go all day long.

Magic Arm:
The purpose of the Support Arm is to support the weight of the camera plus sled while isolating the sled from the motions of the operator. The arm consists of two segments called bones connected together with a pivoting hinge, two joint hinges, a vest connector, and a gimbal connector. It acts as an additional arm of the cinematographer/operator.

Each arm segment is a sort of parallelogram with a spring-shock-absorption-system enclosed inside. Each arm is made up of two metal hollow cylindrical bars, fastened to two metal end-blocks. The lower bar in each arm segment is actually a hollow cylinder, with a large coiled spring inside. Just as with any parallelogram, the metal bars will remain parallel with each other (or nearly parallel) no matter how the arm is positioned. Since the end blocks are secured to the ends of the parallel bars, they will remain in the same position as the arm swings up and down.

Magic Vest:
The padded support vest has three attachment points for its suspension system plus a wide lower 2 inch cushioned "belt" secured by Velcro. Vest has five buckles, whole body pod 2 inch cushioned and a standard arm connector. For added strength and durability arm connectors are made of aluminum. Expect to spend a few minutes the first time you put this thing on in order to get it comfortable. Once you've tightened all the straps, you shouldn't have to change anything just use the quick-release buckles to slip it on and off. You need one-time adjustment for all. The articulating arm screwed right on to its socket, so you're not stuck with that thing banging around when you're taking a break between shots.

Magic Arm & Vest Specifications:
Aluminum Fabricated Body
Powder Coated
Consists of 24 Bearings
Smart, Comfortable, & Cushioned Vest Jacket
Detachable Arm & Vest
Magic Arm & Vest incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining, making it the most sophisticated system in it's price range.
Consists of high-tension springs to regulate weight of the camera.
Springs operated by high-tensile wire through pulley situated inside the arm.

Flycam 6000 Stabilizer:
The Universal Head of Sled is fully adjustable for fine balancing.
The High Precision Gimbal has been designed to prevent angular deviations from causing the slightest disruption to your shot.
Broad weight plate with a enough space on steel rails for proper balancing of heavy cameras.
You can also mount your battery and monitor on the weight section.

Weight Section For Balancing:
The base of the stabilizing system is made up of heavy aluminum and steel rods that exerts weights. The aluminum weight plates have set on stainless steel. The weights are put into weight cups which are screwed onto the aluminum weight plates. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this stabilizer.

The Stabilizer comes with 32 weights and 8 weight cups. You can hold lcd monitor at one side of the Flycam 6000. The idea of holding screen at another side of post is that the eye does not touch the camera in order to transfer shock to video. Therefore, the searcher picture is transferred by means of a internal wiring (wiring is done from inside the post). There are slots in post for this very purpose) to the monitor so that person operating this system can walk or run without giving any shock to this system. The monitor and battery mount is stronger easier to flip for low mode and has a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally.

Highlights Of Low Mode Cage:
Low Mode Camera Cage is meant for taking extreme/medium low mode shots with stabilization system.
The Low Mode Camera Cage allows you to take ground level shots without bend downwards.
It simplifies your purpose of acquiring the video shots of beings like babies, puppies etc.
Proaim Low Mode Cage has Tilting Adjustment and thus you can tilt it to any angle to take different kinds of shot.

It is made of very strong aluminum & black anodized.
Weight of the cage itself : 8.50 Grams
Height of the cage : 220mm
Width of the cage : 200mm
Camera mounting Screw : 1/4" Standard
Hole for attaching the stabilizer' s Central post : 1/4" Standard

Highlights Of Tripod Stand:
This is a callable tripod stand easy for transportation. The legs of tripod stand are easily folded and this complete stand can be stored in a little space. This tripod stand is a durable tripod with traditional altitude. Tripod Stand is perfect for the professional / amateur videographer or the consumer who is looking for a high quality tripod. For situations where you can't fit a tripod, due to large size. After the pack up, fold the stands up flat for easy transport and convenient storage.

Docking Bracket: 
Made of all aluminum black anodized. The docking bracket is solid enough to hold the weight of Stabilization systems. You can also put down the suspension arm as well as both Allen keys on this bracket that serve to adjust the system.

Technical Info:
Application: PROAIM-7000 Arm, Magic Arm, Gliders Arm & Vest, Flycam Stabilizer 6000 Systems
Extends to 66" high
Construction: Aluminum
Color: Black anodized

Material Used:
Arm made of high grade aluminum black powder coated with steel made high tension springs
Stainless steel made bearings and washers
Steel Shank and aluminum adapter to mount stabizer
Vest fully foam padded, chest support plate made of aluminum black powder coated
Flycam 6000 made of aluminum pipe with steel bearing gimbal
Universal Head with Quick release made of aluminum
Counter Weights, weight rails made of Steel and plastic weight cups

Magic Arm - 3.9kg
DV Vest - 3.3kg
Flycam 6000 complete - 7.5kg
Tripod Stand - 1.9kg
Docking Plate - 700 grms

Compatible Camera Names:
CANON - xl1, xl2, xl h1, xh a1, xl g1, xm1, xm2, gl1, gl2
SONY - ex1, ex3, pmw-350l, dsr-200, dsr-250, dsr-300, fx1, fx2, pd150, pd170, vx2100, vx2000, z7u, z1u, z1p, z1e
PANASONIC - hvx200 dvx100
JVC - gy-hd100, hd100e, hd110u pro, hd101e, hd101, hd200, hd 250u, hd201e, gy-hm700, hm750e, hm100

And all other similar cameras