Flycam 6000+ Stabilization System

This Stabilization System is an equipment is created for today's video production.. The system allows the user to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. The Complete System comprises an Arm, a DV Vest, a Flycam 6000 Stabilizer and Tripod Stand with Docking plate. This system works by isolating the user's body's motion from the camera, while the camera is balanced in a relatively motionless and isolated state The idea of being called Magic Arm -FM is the Front Mounting system of the Arm that distributes the weight on your body and enables you to do long time shooting without getting fatigue.


  • Magic Arm -FM
  • DV Operator Vest
  • Flycam 6000 Stabilizer
  • Tripod Stand with Docking plate
  • Foam Packing with Custom-Fit Bag


  • High-Precision Double Section Arm with High Tension Spring to balance your dv/hdv cameras weighing upto 14lbs
  • Front Mounting Arm - distributes the weight of the sled, camera and arm
  • An indicator to give the idea of the point, where the tension spring of the arm is to be tightened. It is the most important additional feature in this arm. The cameraman can set the spring at any point according to the weight of the camera.
  • Steel made Arm-Vest Connecting Socket enables you to control arm as well as gives you angles to produce every kind of shots
  • The Universal Head of Sled is fully adjustable for Fine balancing.
  • The High Precision Gimbal has been designed to prevent angular deviations from causing the slightest disruption to your shot
  • Broad weight plate with a enough space on steel rails for proper balancing of heavy cameras
  • You can also mount your battery and monitor on the weight section.
  • DV Vest chest plate is fully adjustable according to different operator's body sizes.


Material Used :Arm made of high grade aluminum black powder coated with steel made high tension springs Stainless steel made bearings and washers

Steel Shank and aluminum adapter to mount stabilizer Vest fully foam padded, chest support plate made of aluminum black powder coated Flycam 6000 made of aluminum pipe with steel bearing gimbal.

Universal Head with Quick release made of aluminum Counter Weights, weight rails made of Steel and plastic weight cups.

Weight :

Magic Arm - 3.9kg

DV Vest - 3.3kg

Flycam 6000 complete - 7.5kg

Tripod Stand - 1.9kg

Docking Plate - 700 grms

Magic DV Vest incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight, strong and most sophisticated system in it's price range. It increases elegance of the moving shots and increases the quality of cinematography. The mechanical system of a vest and articulating arm alleviates the physical stress that's otherwise placed upon you by manhandling a stabilizer on your own. Each arm segment is a sort of parallelogram and a spring-shock-absorption-system enclosed inside. When the cameraman moves, the base of the arm moves as well. But the spring system in the rest of the arm responds to the weight of the sled. Instead of a sharp jolt, the camera shifts its position smoothly. When the body of the cameraman jerks, camera glides. This is exceptionally designed system for standard and low mode video shots. The two features of arm having Front Mounting and an Indicator makes this arm different from the others available in the market.

The Magic Arm-FM is outfitted with a sophisticated professionally designed DV VEST. The DV Vest can hold and evenly distribute the weight of the system across the operator's shoulders, back, and hips. The padded vest has six attachment points for its suspension system. There are two snap-locks on the shoulder pads, two 26 inch long belts at the waist supporting pad and two 26 inch long belts at the center of the vest secured by Velcro. For safety, quick release snap locks and belts with quick release buckles allow the vest to be removed quickly.


The Quick Release has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate all variety of camera bases. You can slide your camera with base plate of steadycam on both the horizontal and vertical axes, achieved by means of thumbscrews and a movable camera base plate. This helps in setting the camera even more easily. The quick release system uses a lever operated clamp. Gross balancing and composition adjustments can be achieved by sliding the plate within the jaws of the clamp with a movement range of up to 24mm. Fine adjustment is made with the aluminum knobs; aluminum knobs delivers 1.25mm of travel per full revolution.


Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis. Grip swalt. 

You can easily move whole steadycam up and down.

Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.



The base of the stabilizing system is made up of heavy aluminum and steel rods that exerts weights. The aluminum weight plates have set on stainless steel. The weights are put into weight cups which are screwed onto the aluminum weight plates. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this stabilizer. 

The Stabilizer comes with 32 weights and 8 weight cups.

You can hold LCD monitor at one side of the Flycam 6000. The idea of holding screen at another side of post is that the eye does not touch the camera in order to transfer shock to video. Therefore, the searcher picture is transferred by means of a internal wiring (wiring is done from inside the post). There are slots in post for this very purpose) to the monitor so that person operating this system can walk or run without giving any shock to this system. The monitor and battery mount is stronger easier to flip for low mode and has a wider range of positions, both vertically and horizontally. The weight section also includes the battery plate for mounting your Sony Anton batteries.


CANON - xl1, xl2, xl h1, xh a1, xl g1, xm1, xm2, gl1, gl2 etc..

SONY - ex1, ex3, pmw-350l, dsr-200, dsr-250, dsr-300, fx1, fx2, pd150, pd170, vx2100, vx2000, z7u, z1u, z1p, z1e etc...

PANASONIC - hvx200 dvx100 etc..

JVC - gy-hd100, hd100e, hd110u pro, hd101e, hd101, hd200, hd 250u, hd201e, gy-hm700, hm750e, hm100 etc...

And all other similar cameras