C-Flycam Pro Stabilizer

  • Supplied in customized Foam Packing and Traveling bag
  • Supports perfectly the cameras weighing upto 2.5kg
  • Adjustable monitor Bracket/quick release camera mount plate/flexible handle with steel bearing gimbal
  • Fully collapsible makes it portable.
  • Telescopic Post

A new innovative approach to camera stabilizer design, the C-Flycam Pro is a lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system. This system is upgraded from the U-Flycam and offers Additional features of mounting provision of lcd monitor and a Telescopic Post.

Camera stabilization systems like this one work to provide camera stability during movement for dynamic and subjective camera shots. It utilizes a balancing system that dampens the user's body movement, providing a smooth, floating moving image appearance usually achieved with more expensive equipment.



  • Weight - 3kg
  • Contraction - Aluminum & plastic
  • No. of weights supplied- 5 Square + 1 cylindrical weight
  • Weighing Capacity- 2.5kg
  • Dimensions - 53cm(L) x 38cm(W)
  • Color - Black
  • Diameter of Stabilizer Pipe - 28mm

Upgrades From U-Flycam:

This system is upgraded which offers Telescopic post and mounting lcd monitor at the bottom. You can decrease the length of post to make it lightweight while using mini cameras and increase its length by just screwing a telescopic post, to balance your dv hdv cameras on C-Flycam Pro.


A no tool required for adjusting the telescopic post and allows for precision balance and easy adjustment. The Unique design of C-Flycm Pro offers a great stability and balance your camera perfectly weighing upto 2.5kg. You can also use this stabilizer to balance the cameras weighing upto 3kg by buying more weights to balance it.

Balancing The Camera:

This stabilizing system contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this stabilizer.

  • You can add or remove weights as per your requirement.
  • Weights are made of Aluminum

Weights are attached at the bottom by means of weight Holders.

Quick Release + Base Plate: There is a base plate on the top of C-Flycam Pro. This Base Plate is attached on the C-Flycam Pro with the help of holders tighten by two knobs. Knobs are made of unbreakable plastic. The quick release is placed on the Base Plate of C-Flycam Pro. Camera is attached with base plate by means of camera plate quick release.

Handle: The handle of C-flycam Pro is very smooth, easy to grip. It can be moved easily up and down, to and fro.

Gimbal Specifications: Steel Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis.

Some Compatible Camera names are as below:

  • Canon - xl1, xl2, xl h1, xh a1, xm1, xm2, hv20, hv20, hv40, hg20, d3100, 5d, 7d, t2i, t3i, 1000d, 450d, d30, d50, 1100d, 60d, 1d, Sx1 IS, 10d, gl1, gl2 etc...
  • Sony - vx2100, fx1000, fx1, fx2, pd150, pd170, z1u, a1u, v1u, z7u, z1p, hc36, hc65, trv19, A350, A700, A200k, A33-1, A100, A560, 7d, A390, A560, A300x, pdx10, pd100A
  • Panasonic - hvx200, dvx100, Fz100, fz1, gh1, gh2, dmc-L1, fz5, gs250, Dmc L10, g2, fz40, gf2, gf1, M70, GS120,
  • JVC- Gr-d94, Gz-hm400, Gz-hd5, Gc -Px1, Gz-Ms100, Gz-Ms230, Grdvl9800E, Grdx106E, Gz-Mg70, JyHd-10, Grd54E, Gz-Mg2, Gz-Mg30, Gz-Mg40, Gz-Mg77