Indie Film Depot, LLC. (“Indie Film Depot”, “our” “we” “us”) operate, which is a website that provides filmmaker services. The services we offer include new media distribution and/or digital distribution, film sales platform, the Indie Film Depot NewsWire, Networking, and/or any additional service found on an IndieFilmDepot – branded URL.

This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the legally binding terms for your use of our services. By becoming a member of you agree to be bound by this agreement. A “member” indicates anyone who has a login on our website, has a film(s) listed for sale, has a film(s) available for instant streaming, or uses any of our services. If you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement and follow all terms listed, you should leave our site and discontinue use of our services immediately. If you wish to use the services provided by, you must read this agreement and accept terms during your registration process. If you wish to obtain a copy of this agreement, you can do so by emailing a request to, Subject: 'Request - Terms of Use'. Indie Film Depot can and may modify this agreement at will. If modification occurs, the new terms will be effective upon posting on the Indie Film Depot website. Any changes considered to be major or that may influence ownership/rights for the members or effect the members revenue sources, etc. will require us to notify all registered members via email so that they may reviewed changes set forth at their convenience. Continued usage of our services signifies that you accept the new terms and will be bound by them. Should you have any questions you can email at anytime.

You, the user, will be held responsible at all times for your actions on our website. This includes being held responsible for all films you list on our website. Should you at any time list a film, whether it be on our digital distribution platform, for sale in our film store or post content that you do not own the rights to, you will take full responsibility for any/all consequences and Indie Film Depot will not be held responsible for your actions. If at anytime you notice content on our website that you know is being listed by someone other than the owner of that content, or without consent from the owner of the content, please notify us immediately so we may investigate and solve the issue. Indie Film Depot reserves the right to deny anyone access to our website with or without reason, with or without prior notice, and without any liability.

1. Eligibility. Use of the Indie Film Depot website, services and/or creating a Membership is void where prohibited. By using the services provided by Indie Film Depot you verify that (a) your use does not violate any law or regulation whatsoever; that you are legally allowed to enter into this agreement in your place of residence, (b) all registration information that you submit to Indie Film Depot is truthful and accurate, (c) you agree to maintain accurate information for our records. If at anytime Indie Film Depot believes that you are violating any of these terms we may delete your account and remove all content you have placed on our website without notice and without consequence or liability.

2. Fees and Payment. You acknowledge that you have agreed to the fees and terms set forth by Indie Film Depot and have the knowledge that you are bound to pay any and all fees agreed upon. Indie Film Depot can, at anytime, change its fees and you will be bound to these changes so long as you continue to use our services. At no time will Indie Film Depot issue refunds, reimbursements, or any payment that has not been previously agreed upon. All fees are listed clearly on the website. At no time will you be subject to any other, extra or excess fees/payments unless written consent or contract between you, the user and Indie Film Depot is created and agreed to by both parties. Note that all fees associated with Indie Film Depot are considered service fees and/or fees that will be deducted directly from your earnings, revenue and/or income generated by using Indie Film Depot. Additionally, we will never charge and/or bill any upfront fees to members unless documented separately from these terms and agreed upon by both parties.

3. Password/Account Use. When signing up for an account with Indie Film Depot, you will select a password. You will be held responsible for remembering this password and keeping it confidential. Indie Film Depot will not be held responsible for storing/remembering your password. You agree not to use any account on Indie Film Depot other than your own. If at anytime you suspect that the confidentiality of your account has been compromised you agree to notify Indie Film Depot immediately. You will be held liable for all use of your account. Indie Film Depot will take no responsibility for misuse of your account. If misuse occurs, necessary action will be taken by Indie Film Depot. This can lead to account termination or even legal action.

4. Term. This agreement, and any update to this agreement, will be fully enforced as long as you remain a member of Indie Film Depot or continue to use our services. If at anytime you wish to discontinue use you are free to do so with or without notice and without consequence.

5. Content. You, the user, will be held responsible for all content you post on the Indie Film Depot website. This includes, but is not limited to, films/content provided on our digital distribution platform, films/content listed for sale, comments or information posted on the forums, sending private messages and any other methods of sharing information that may be available. You must retain full rights to any content you post/list, and own the rights without any form of pending litigation, nor should the content be subject to litigation. If at anytime Indie Film Depot is suspicious that you may not own the rights to films or information posted, we reserve the right to remove the content from our website immediately. When placing any content on the Indie Film Depot website, you maintain full rights to the content and information. No content rights or ownership is given to Indie Film Depot. By posting films, trailers, photos, or any other information on Indie Film Depot, you give us permission to use any and/or all content posted to use as advertising material, and/or post on YouTube, Twitter, Myspace, through email campaigns, or any form of advertisement Indie Film Depot utilizes. This does not in any way grant ownership of any form to us, but does grant us the right to use material at will so long as use remains within the boundaries of this contract.

6. Shopping. You, the user shall follow all policies set forth by Indie Film Depot. Policies are subject to change, any and all changes shall be posted on our website and shall be effective upon being published. All items in our store include full descriptions of items included. Your purchase shall not include any item - pictured or not - that is not included in the item description. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or deny service to any party as well as refuse, deny or cancel any order. If you have any questions about any items please ask before making your purchase. The Return Policy page can provide you with additional shopping details. 

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